Catching up…..

Austin Outdoor Studio has been busy this year ramping up our business and completing some pretty cool projects.  Over the last few months we have added a couple new employees that have really strengthened our skill sets and our depth of fabrication knowledge.
We hired Cliff McDonald about 4 months ago who is an exceptional welder and fabricator.  He has 10 years experience in the welding business working for both small and large companies.   He truly loves what he does and is really enjoying working in a creative shop.   He is our lead welder and certainly is a huge addition to our shop.

Just this month we added Jim Mathias to our crew.  Jim has an Bachelors of Fine Art from the University of Kansas and has been working creatively in sign and fabrication shops for the last 8 years.  His experience in installation and fabrication with all mediums from stainless, copper, aluminum, wood and of course steel has really strengthened our shop.   He now runs our CNC plasma Cutter, assists with design as well as fabrication.

A few of the projects we have been working on.

The Kung Fu Saloon on Rio Grande.

We worked directly with the bar owners and Architect Jamie Chioco of to build this one of a kind bar.  The bar consists of a 25’x20′ oval bar built entirely out of 1/4″ thick hot rolled steel.  We cut the 7 sheets of steel on our plasma cutter and welded them together onsite.

kung-fu-fabricate-metal-bar Metal_bartop

The marquee out front was built completely out of 2″ pipe and continues through the entrance and into the bar.  We used about a half mile of tubing on this project.

Kung_Fu_Saloon kung-fu-saloon-entrance

We also build the 4 steel doors, gate out front as well as the Steel I-beams located on the patio.

steel-ibeams-and-custom-doors kung-fu-gate

Hot Rolled Steel and Ipe Fireplace

This has to be one of my favorite pieces to date.  This fireplace sits between the kitchen and the family room.  The kitchen side of the fireplace is completely trimmed out with Hot Rolled Steel.  We were able to perform this installation without any fasteners visible from the outside.  The fireplace seamlessly transitions into the living room where the fireplace is covered floor to ceiling in Ipe.  We built a 1/2″ thick mantle and hearth that simple float off the wall.  I wish the pictures did this place justice.





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