W Hotel and Austin Outdoor Studio

W Hotel and Austin Outdoor Studio

Earlier this year AOS was contacted to bid some work at the “W”. At the time, we had no idea how much work we would end up doing and how much our work would contribute to the overall look and feel of the entire first floor lobby of the hotel. The hotel is filled with blackened steel that works incredibly well with all the walnut wood, plaster walls and concrete floors. I included a few pictures of the project, but look for a full write up and section dedicated to the W Hotel on our website soon. Here’s a list of the work we completed over the last few months:

  • Steel Entry Niches at the front door,
  • Blackened Steel stair treads, landings, railings and solid 7/8″ thick stair railing look outs.
  • Over 1100′ of steel baseboards in the hotel.
  • The steel floor plates, wall caps and door jambs
  • The tequila bar footrest, bar countertop, and lighted bottle rack
  • The 18′ tall fireplace and steel foor in the Fireplace Room
  • The pair of 11’x3.5′ steel pivot doors that lead into the “Secret Bar”
  • The AV Cabinet in the Secret Bar, housing all the vintage sound equipment, measures 10’6″ tall x 6′ wide
  • Foot rails in the secret bar, tube structure supporting the mirrored wall, and the 16′ wide steel niche behind the bar
  • The double sided steel fireplace in the living room/ porch room.
  • Condo Desk at the the Condo Entry
  • Recessed Counters and small cabinets behind the front desk
  • There are 9 unisex bathrooms on the first floor. We built custom steel vanities, and grab bars.

Upstairs in the pool area, we fabricated the steel work around the bar including:

  • 1/2″ plate wall cap aproximately 60′ in length
  • 1/2″ plate awning over the bar opening
  • tubing foot rail
  • half door
  • light steel niche at the back of the bar
  • various wall caps

We still have a few projects that are left, but for the most part we have finished the majority of the work.  This job was a huge challenge and our small shop staffed up to 11 employees to get this done.  I want to thank everyone that worked for us and the dedication that everyone showed to doing a quality job and executing work that we can really be proud of.  Enjoy the teaser pics, More to come!

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